Thursday, December 16, 2010

Muppet Proposal

Sid wanted to do something special for his proposal to his long time girlfriend Sara. What he came up with blows me away. Just watch.

*sniff* *wipe tears*
How amazing is a proposal done with Muppets?

I wanted to make a movie trailer. I thought it would be great if somehow I could manage to sneak something into a movie theater and it could be shown during the regular movie trailers. I mean, talk about being caught off guard! But it didn’t end there; not only did I want to make a movie trailer staring Sara and I, but I wanted them to be Muppets. As a life long Jim Henson & Muppet fan, I got overly excited about the dream of having Sid and Sara looking Muppets star in our video. But was it possible?

When the day came, everything went perfectly. We arrived, and Kaleena had organized theater employees and her friends to enter the theater and sit down. This way, there were total strangers in the theater when we entered. Sara suspected nothing!

We got seated and I sent Dave the text. The lights went down, the first trailer started playing, and I heard minimal scuffling of people entering the theater and taking their seats. I’m telling you, that group were like ninjas when it came to sneaking in. Hardly any sound, and nothing that was noticeable!
So we watched the three real movie trailers. Then, my trailer came up.
Sara didn’t recognize herself in the first scene. She was too busy looking at the Muppet to notice that it was sitting in her chair reading her book, with her tea mug on the arm of the chair.
But when the scene of the Sid Muppet came up playing Halo in our apartment, I felt her hand get tight around mine, and she instantly started choking up and crying. This in turn made me start crying.
So there the two of us were; watching Muppet versions of ourselves on a movie screen and crying together.
And the end of the trailer, the lights came up and I told her to turn around. Suddenly she saw about 30 of her friend and family, and she started crying again! I was actually amazed at the number of people who came. I didn’t expect to turn around and see all the back rows completely filled. That made me cry as well.
Then came the applause and celebration. It was perfect.
And, yes, Sara accepted my proposal

You can read the rest of Sid's story and check out his making of video here. Take a look. It's well worth reading. Now don't you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

Thanks to GWS for bringing this to my attention.

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