Tuesday, March 9, 2010

More Bad Geeky Dances!

Because I know how much you all enjoyed The Star Wars Disco Dance, I figured that maybe you might like to see some more random people in costumes dancing stangely :)

I didn't know before now that Link was a girl. Or that Gannon was really just an oversized Gamorrean Guard!

If that wasn't quite strange enough for your taste, perhaps a Predator Dance Sequence will do!

And before you ask, yes, that IS Danny Glover in the video!
What do you mean you didn't watch it for that long? Go back and see for yourself!
Aren't those Predator's cute! They have such cute funny mouths and I LOVE the sound they make <3

Look at that face! He's just asking for snuggles!
(I always bet on them when they're up against those ugly alien bastards!)

Anyway, what ever you look like or choose to wear, get out there and dance!

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