Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Meeting Ashley Eckstein!!

Guys, I met Ashley Eckstein! OMFG!!!

So, not too long ago, Ashley wrote a book! (You can see my review of it here)
It was not only an autobiography, but a guide to help you find and pursue your own dreams and it's chocked full of Disney and Star Wars references.

my copy of the book and the pin given out at Hot Topic

Well, Hot Topic (who know owns Her Universe) decided that it would be great if she did a book tour across the US, with one stop in Canada. Toronto, my fair city, to be exact.
I had been pumped about this for months, but when the day finally arrived, I was feeling less than stellar. My anxiety was acting up and everything just seemed to be going wrong. Had I needed to do anything else that day, I probably would've bailed and stayed home in my pj's, binge watching Dear White People. But this was Ashley we were talking about. If you've been a follower of my blog for awhile now, you will know that she is one of my idols!
So I pulled myself together and headed to the Eaton's Centre to wait in line. 
But what's this? I had to buy something if I wanted to be in line? Booooo. Money was tight and I had already bought a copy of the book and brought it with me. So I settled on something fun and cheap (as far as HU goes)

That's right, I bought lightsaber lipstick (something that the HU fandom as been asking for since the company opened) They're not really my colours, but I love the packaging.
I finally ended up in line, but I was behind a group of fanboys who were quite obnoxious. They had no idea what HU was and had in depth conversations about how SOLO didn't follow the cannon closely enough. An hour and a half of listening to them talk about what comic they wanted the Boba Fett movie to follow and making the other fans around them feel stupid when they said anything, I was ready to quit the line and go home. But that is when she came out and I managed to hold on a little bit longer.
When I got near the front, I realized someone else was with her. It turns out that it was E.K. Johnston, the author of the Ahsoka novel I had just finished listening to!!

totally worth reading! You can read my review here
2 amazing women for the price of one!

Look at meeee! I'm with E.K. Johnston and Ashley Eckstein!!!

I spoke with E.K. first and told her how much I enjoyed her book (and how awesome Ashley was at narrating it) and she was so kind and funny and happy that her book was so well received.

I don't have a physical copy of this book, but she gave me an insert page in case I ever do get one.
I had just started to talk about how much fun it was to gear Ashley reading the Ahsoka novel when she turned to me and said hello. That's when E.K. noticed my Ahsoka/Plo Koon shirt from waaaay back in the day and pointed it out to Ahsley, who gasped and was suddenly ecstatic that I had been a fan for so long. I told her that I was a first day customer when HU opened and she got so emotional that she had to get up and hug me! I told her that not only am I a fan of Ahsoka, but even more so of her. That she is my idol for what she has done for the fangirls of the World. 

I told her that I had bought her book when it came out and that I had already read it cover to cover and how wonderful I thought it was. She asked me what my dream was and I told her that I wanted to open the Braekery (my bakery) and that I had recently gone back to school to pursue my dreams. She told me that when I get it up and running to let her know so that she can come support me! How sweet is that? She even added me to her Instagram so that she could follow my progress!

I floated away on a happy cloud. How did I ever think that this was a bad idea? It was worth every bad fanboy, every unexpected purchase, every minute of waiting in line.

Thanks Ashley

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