Friday, July 1, 2016

Happy Canada Day And PRIDE! (Said With Pokemon)

I'm (still) on a Pokemon kick, so when I came across these amazing pieces of art celebrating both Canada Day and PRIDE, I couldn't resist

I'm a proud Canadian, so these Pokemon made me hope that they would do Canadian style pokeworld and include these hilarious types. I would totally catch them all.

art by dmac
The Bobndug and the dubbledubble ones just kill me

Not only am I a proud Canadian, but I'm also a proud ally. So to all my LGBTQA+ friends out there, these are for you

art by FaMagikal

I know it's been a tough year and I keep hearing that the horrible shooting in Orlando has set gay rights back 10 years. I'm here to say, don't let it! Go out and celebrate and show the world that love does concur all.

art by 8bit Dance Party
Be who you are, 
love who you love 
and don't let anyone stop you

I'm Proud of you all

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