Thursday, April 14, 2016

Thursday Threads - Pigtails & Pirates

With Spring finally on it's way, I find my self getting ansy for warm weather, so I can break out some of my cute geeky dresses. And while I'm thinking of dresses, I always have to go and look up more for future purchases.
That's how I came across Pigtails & Pirates
Yes, not only does it have an awesome name, but amazing geek dresses as well

DC Girl Power

Wouldn't this Batman/Superman one have been perfect for opening night?
So cool

Doctor Who

I've always loved the Van Gogh  TARDIS print and I think this dress pattern makes it so much better

Marvel's Avengers

I've actually have a few metres of the above fabric and never known what to do with it. Now I have lots of ideas!


Okay, so maybe these aren't licences Disney, but they fit the bill for me. I mean can you look at the soda cap dress above and not think of UP immediately?


I'm in love with this Adventure Time dress!

Okay, this I put in just for me. I mean not only do I love to bake and I love the style, how can I resist "Let's Mix Things Up" and "This is How I Roll"?

I can't wait for warmer weather. Can you blame me?

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