Thursday, June 11, 2015

Thursday Threads - Team Unicorn

Comprised of the four heroines Clare Grant, Rileah Vanderbilt, Milynn Sarley and Alison Haislip and representing the idea that "like Unicorns, geek girls were not supposed to exist", say hello to Team Unicorn. Whether it's through comedic shorts, music videos or fashion, Team Unicorn creates content inspired by the various genre-centric worlds that they so passionately love themselves. Together they join like the lions of Voltron to form a beacon of inspiration for women throughout the universe. All designs made by Unicorns, for Unicorns.

Whether you are a G33k & G4M3R Girl or in it For The Win, Team Unicorn is awesome and They Want You to be awesome in their new clothing line. 

Although I'm sad that their old store on their website is gone with the actual logo merchandise, their new store on We Love Fine is pretty fun too.

I love this super cute Back To The Future dress! 
And look! Functional, non-sexy Ghostbusters Rompers for women! Awesome!!

Is there something strange in your neighborhood? Do you know that you should never cross the streams? Are you a god? Do you know who you’re gonna call? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you need the Ghostbusters Romper for fashion, function and comfort.

*Please note that the Ghostbusters Romper will not protect you from poltergeists, specters, phantoms or, giant walking marshmallows. Bust ghosts with caution.*

Who doesn't want a shirt with Equestria's favorite princesses on it?

These NASA t-shirts are too cute! I love the cartoon of the Team flying off into space on a rocket

I really want an 8-bit NASA shirt!

Mars is the new place to be! Book your spring break now!

So what do you think of these new outfits from our favorite girl gang?

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