Friday, June 20, 2014

Kick Ass Geek Girl Clothes

It's finally summer! YAY! I finally put away all my winter gear and I feel like a change in wardrobe is needed.
Luckily there are all sorts of new, fantastic geek outfits for the season.
My favorite geek girl company, Her Universe, has just released a new Marvel line and it is super!

Must own Cap hoodie and cardigan....
and maybe this cutie Tardis skirt...
Gold Bubble is relatively new on the scene, but have been taking geeks by storm with some of there kick-ass collections. I am thrilled to bits that they decided to use one of my favorite movies/books/graphic novels as inspiration and make a The Last Unicorn line!

There are so many wonderful pieces, that it'll be hard to choose which ones I want. The last one, for sure.
Also, their Corellian Blood Stripe leggings are back in stock for a limited times, so if you want these bad boys favoured by notorious scoundrels, you better act fast.


I don't know much about The Novo Geek, but I do know that I love these Battelstar Galactica leggings!
With Sailor Moon getting redone, everyone is renewing their love for the series. Luckily for us, there is a lot of new merchandise coming out, both officially and unofficially, like these awesome leggings by Sweet N' Sour

And these fantastic skater dresses from Living Dead

I can't decide. I want them all!
and just in case you haven't seen the new Sailor Moon trailer, check it out here in all it's glory!

So what are you wearing this summer?

A big thanks to Set to Stunning for being fabulous and always keeping me in the know.

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