Monday, January 13, 2014

Our Lady Of Geek

As Geeky Women (and women and geeks), I truly believe that we need Woman role-models. So often in the media we love, women are pushed to the sideline, used to develop the main male protagonist or even worse, fridged for the same purpose.
But not all women fall into these tropes. Some of these women are funny and strong, independent, born leaders, survivalists, intelligent. They're the star of the show. They make us sit up and take notice. They become our heroes for all sorts of different reasons. They're not perfect and that makes us love them all the more.

HeyMonster took this to the next level and created these Patron Saints of Geekery for us to worship at.
I am in total agreement of his choices.

If I were to add to this awesome list, I would add these wonderful women:

Princess Leia & Katniss Everdeen - Our Ladies of Rebellion

Queen Amidala - Our Lady of Fairness

Princess Peach & Princess Zelda - Our Ladies of Patience

Hermione Granger - Our Lady of Intelligence

Miss Piggy - Our Lady of Attitude

Donna Noble - Our Lady of The Universe

Sailor Moon - Our Lady of Strength

I'm know that there are many, many more women who deserve to be on this list, so please leave a comment and let me know who you would nominate.
Thanks to GeekXGirls who know that all women kick-ass!


I just came across these awesome pictures as well by Jska Priebe!!

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