Wednesday, June 12, 2013

HER-ray For More Her Universe Stuff!

Her Universe is on a roll! 

I posted about their new Star Wars line not long ago, and I'm happy to say that line has finally been released to those of us who couldn't make it to the Star Wars weekends.

Plus, there are a few new Star Wars items as well!

This cute crawl shirt says May The Force Be With You in all sorts of different languages, allowing you to Talk Star Wars to people wherever you you might be.

Ahsoka Lives! And aren't we all happier for it! Although I haven't seen the end of Clone Wars yet, I was happy to find out that they weren't planning on killing her off. If you feel the same, celebrate with this t-shirt.

Remember the Rebel Alliance dress? Check out how cute the back of it is

Her Universe has also come together with Hot Topic again and released these amazing Doctor Who dresses, shirts and leggings!

I already own the Tardis dress, so now I want to get my hands on the dalek dress so I can exterminate all of my enemies.

For the release of Star Trek Into Darkness, Her Universe released these two items; The Command Dress and Khan v-neck. 

I really like the dress and the v-neck is kind of hilariously awesome.

So, what do you think of all this new stuff? Pretty awesome, right?

The problem now is trying to figure out what I want to buy first!

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