Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Best Star Wars Christmas Gift EVER!!!

I love Star Wars, as you know, but my family thinks that's strange.
I'm pretty sure they think it's a phase or something.
When I say proudly that I'm a geek, they look at me in horror and ask why I would call my self such, as if I had just called myself something horrible. I laugh and try to explain it, but I don't think they get it still.
Don't get me wrong, they're always encouraging of my baking and sewing, my love of reading and writing, they just don't get Star Wars. I can understand that. There are a lot of things I don't get about them.

As such, I've never received a Star Wars gift at Christmas...
My 6 year old niece, with the help of my sister, made me these for Christmas! Aren't they fantastic!!
Best Star Wars Gift EVER!!!!

Thanks guys! I love them soooo much!

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