Tuesday, August 7, 2012

SDCC Kisses for Charity

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to kiss one of these men; Nathan Fillion, Zachary Levi or Adam Baldwin, in your geeky dreams? Do your dreams ever go as far as to wondered what it would be like to see them kiss each other?

Well, wonder no more and thank your lucky stars for Melanie Bolen.

Yes, you saw that, now go back and watch it again and again and again like I know you want to. I'll wait...

Yes, Melanie Bolen is the girl who started it all by donating $1000 to Zachary Levi's charity NerdHQ and getting that first kiss that spiraled so sweetly out of control.

Here's what she has to say about what happened.

While at Comic Con in San Diego this past weekend (SDCC), I spent a lot of time at NerdHQ (www.thenerdmachine.com).  NerdHQ was an off-site venue having it's second year in a row... the brainchild of actor Zachary Levi (star of the show "Chuck").  The basis behind NerdHQ was that it was a place for nerds to hang out, have small intimate panels (known as "Conversations For A Cause"), and raise money for charity (specifically the charity Operation Smile... check them out at www.operationsmile.org and consider donating, por favor).  I spent most of my time there because of the atmosphere, the people, and the amazing energy and heart that came out of that place.  Throughout the weekend there were various ways to donate for charity.
While back in my hotel on Thursday (after having run The Walking Dead Escape) I saw a tweet where someone posted that for $20 you can get a photobooth picture with Zachary Levi, for $100 a kiss on the cheek, and for $1000 a kiss on the lips.  I wasn't sure if they were joking or not (heh), because they were tweeting from the NerdHQ party (which I didn't make it to, darn it) and could've been intoxicated, hahah.  Well, I've always been someone who believes that when a gauntlet is thrown down, you should totally pick it up, and in this case it was like the hammer of Thor had been thrown down.  Now, before you call me a "pervy fan girl", I'm not a weird troll who's scoured the internet simply because I think that Zachary Levi is "hot," or "sexy," or even "HAWT" (though he is a very attractive and totally adorable man), nor do I have the inside of my locker covered in his photos (well, I don't have a locker, but still).  I just think that he's an overall amazing person who uses his fame in all the right ways and I highly respect and admire him (and, let's face it... he's an awesome fellow nerd, and I love nerds... and he said in panel that his favorite X-Man is Gambit.  Um, POINTS!).  It's not just looks that make him an amazing person in my eyes, it's everything he believes in and stands for, not to mention talent, because that's how I choose to continue working on living my life as well.
Anyways, back to the story... I went back to NerdHQ determined to find out if this was real.  I'm at a place in life where donating an amount like that is doable for me (please, I am NOT taking sugar mama applications, sorry, hah), and I also believe heavily in giving back because I've been given so much in life to be grateful for.  I showed up there and asked around as to when the next photobooth would be happening, but people didn't seem to know.  I hung out a while, and was about to leave, but I decided to ask one more person.  I walked up to a guy who looked important (and, well, he was) and asked him.  I told him why, and I asked if it'd be possible to just drop off the donation money then so that I wouldn't be carrying it around and then I could come back for the photobooth when it was happening.  He said, "You have the cash on you right now?"  I said, "Yes."  He then told me to hold on a minute and he walked away.  When he came back he grabbed my hand and started walking me towards the back and said, "You're going on stage."  BZAH!?
Well, it turns out I had asked the producer, and it just so happened that a Conversation panel with Nathan Fillion was about to end.  Anyways, you've seen the rest, pretty much, if you watched that video (and the hilarity that both Nathan Fillion and Adam Baldwin brought to it... THANKS, boys!).  The whole situation was not only a surprise to me, but also to Zachary Levi, because they didn't tell him what was happening (sorry, dude).  What I found most amazing was that when I told friends about it a few hours later they said, "That was YOU!?  I heard about that!!!"  HUH?  Well, ok, then...
The whole experience turned out much greater and more hilarious than I ever could've imagined.  So, thank you NerdHQ, thank you Zachary, and thank you Jeff (the producer), for giving me quite the memory and story... I see thousands of people online have enjoyed it as well. - Melanie Bolen

What a lucky duck! I would've happily been in her shoes for those few precious seconds, but then she deserves all the glory for being such an amazing sport and donating to a worthy cause.
Thanks for letting us live vicariously through you and all you spawned, and also to those great people who caught it on film.


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