Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Happy Canada Day!

It's Canada Day!

Time to celebrate with all things red and white, beaver and moose and maple leaf.

you said it Veronica
art by Mingjue Helen Chen
Yup, that's Nathan Fillion dressed as Captain Canada riding a beaver. You're Welcome

I mean, we're not all stereotypes, eh....

art by Kate Beaton

We have a proud and noble history

And not only is it the Birthday of this awesome Country, it's also Adam and my anniversary! So here are some Valentine cards, that I think speak from the truly Canadian part of my heart, for 2 such special occasions that take place on the same day.
(yes, I know that Valentines has past, but they're just too perfect not to use)

thanks Huffington Post

So have yourself an awesome Canada Day today and everyday

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